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To continue practicing and learning the art of animation by communicating,

learning, leading, guiding and assisting those around me.


1999 – 2001 Sheridan College

Classical Animation program

• Graduate of the Classical Animation program studying layout, animation,

life drawing, design and storyboarding.

• Developed strong abilities in all aspects of animation filmmaking while

practicing leadership and teamwork in relationships with other artists.

Work Experiences

January 2017 - Present - Algonquin College

Part Time Faculty

•Teaching Interpretive Illustration for the Illustration & Concept Art Program

•This includes, character design, storyboarding, environment design, &

visual language

Dec 2020 - Present - Industrial Bros

Storyboard Supervisor

•Production of the TV Series, “Dino Ranch”

•Production of the TV Series, “Daniel Spellbound”

Dec 2018 - December 2020 - Industrial Bros

Freelance Storyboard Artist

•Production of the TV Series, “Kingdom Force”

•Production of the TV Series, “Dino Ranch”

May 2018 - Dec 2018 - Double Negative/Prime Focus

Freelance Storyboard Artist

•Production of the Feature Film, “100% Wolf”

October 2017 - May 2018 - Dreamworks/Bardel Entertainment

Freelance Storyboard Artist

•Production of an unnamed TV series,  based on a Dreamworks movie series

December 2016 - September 2017 - Jam Filled Entertainment


Freelance Storyboard Artist

•Production of Storyboard art for broadcast show "Kody Kapow"

March 2016 - February 2017 - Wild Kratts

Freelance Storyboard Artist

•Production of Storyboard art for broadcast show "Wild Kratts: Season 5" for PBS.

July 2015 - March 2016 - Sound Venture Productions

Freelance Illustrator

•Production of character design and illustration of 20 images for a short

untitled film about Canadian History with Parks Canada.

April 2015 - December 2015 - Homeplate Entertainment

Freelance Design Artist and compositor

•Production of Design, Key Animation, Storyboards and Compositing on

cinematic for the video game, "Fishers of Men"

June 2015 - January 2016 - Jam Filled Entertainment

Freelance Storyboard Artist

•Production of Storyboard art for broadcast show "Bagel and Becky"

April 2014 -May 2015 - Wild Kratts

Freelance Storyboard Artist

•Production of Storyboard art for broadcast show "Wild Kratts: Season 4" for PBS.

September 2013 - April 2014 - Pip Animation Studios

Art Director/Background painter

•Production of feature film, "Pirates Passage" as Art Director and Lead

Background Artist

•Managed a crew of background artists in developing a new method in how

to paint and use texturing elements in a realistic manner for feature


•Acted as a bridge between director and other departments (ie. compositing

and layout) so as to visualize the full structure of the look of the film in full

•Provided colour keys and conceptual art for the locations to set mood, time period and culture.

February 2013 - September 2013 - Wild Kratts

Freelance Storyboard Artist

•Production of Storyboard art for broadcast show "Wild Kratts: Season 3" for PBS.

December 2011 - December2012 - Rocket Owl Inc

Lead Concept Design Artist

•Social video game production of storyboard, character design, background

painting and animation art for green energy products and environments

•Artwork produced using Adobe Photoshop CS5 as well as Flash

April 2012-June 2012 - Wild Kratts

Freelance Storyboard Artist

•Production of Storyboard art for broadcast show "Wild Kratts: Season 2" for PBS.

November 2010 - Crowdwave Entertainment

Design Artist

•Interactive video game production of storyboard, character design and

animation art for NBA and NHL franchises

•Artwork produced using Adobe Photoshop CS5 as well as Flash

October 2009-October 2010 - Kratt Brothers

Storyboard Artist

•Production of storyboard art for broadcast show "Wild Kratts"

•Board work produced using photoshop

September 2009 Big Jump Studios

Freelance Animator

•Key and inbetween animator for "Ralph Fillmore" series pitch

•Classically handled animation with Flash Cleanup

July 2009-September 2009 Fuel Industries

Design Artist

•Concept design artist for a variety of gaming systems.

•2D animation artist and tecnical illustrator for online gaming, websites and


2004–October 2009 Copernicus Studios Inc.


• Directed several animated music videos.

• Handled creative direction of all videos through storyboarding, design and animation.

• Assisted others in their understanding of the visual development and

storylines of the projects as well as teaching them how to problem solve with

regards to computer programs such as Flash, Photoshop, Art Rage and


• Encouraged communication with both the client and among all artists with

the desire to create the best product possible.

Art Director

• Practiced an intense amount of work over a short period of time in

developing all levels of concept design work for broadcast television show


• Showed great diversity in the various styles of design work in the attempt

to truly capture the atmosphere necessary to best fit the character of the


• Worked very closely with each and every artist dedicating time first to

teaching and working with everyone in order to ensure that all artists

produce the most confident efforts in their work.

• Diligently communicated with world wide clients about their needs and

ideas for each of the shows.

October 2008-July 2009 - Smiley Guy Studios

Concept Artist and Animation Artist

•Character concept artist for online video game, "Pilars of Freedom"

designing multiple dragon type characters and various early location designs

•Lead animator and cleanup artist for various sports themed clips for players featured in the NHL and NFL

•Flash Animator for broadcast series, "Philadelphia Eagles Kids Club Show"

December 2008 and March 2008 - Fuel Entertainment

Concept Character Design Artist

•Roughly sketched and painted various designs that showcased three sets of

couples as characters for gambling video game in an original style

•Enhanced character artwork and handled Key animation and cleanup

artwork for an online game show in creating avatars or signature pieces for

sevaral characters

February 2008 - Kickstart Entertainment

Storyboard Artist

•Storyboard artist of one act completed in one week for “Spaceballs – Lord

of the Onion Rings”

•Thumbnail artwork for storyboards, locations and character clothing design

November 2005 - Studio B Productions


• Animated on award winning show, “Being Ian”.

• Constantly communicated as a freelance artist with producers and

directors to achieve the proper look and feeling of the show.

• Worked efficiently and always met deadlines.

November 2005 - Pork and Beans Productions Inc.


• Worked chiefly as a freelance animator on educational show, “Get Set”

• Always communicated thoroughly with the director and lead artists

June 2003 – Dec. 2003 Whut Boy!Records


• Director of an animated music video called, “Back in the Day” by Universal


• Worked under a tight Videofact budget while producing all levels of artwork

right from the first drawing to the post production and transfer to tape

quickly learning the entire process of filmmaking.

March 2002 – March 2003 Trainingscape Studios

Junior Designer

• Animator and concept artist on various educational web productions for a

California based company.

• Demonstrated responsibility in a team environment while exceeding the

requirement as a junior designer to eventually become a lead location

concept artist.

October 2001 Big House Studios

Clean Up Artist

• Assisted in cleanup and inbetweening animation on Aubry Mintz’ film,

“Nothing To Say” under feature lead animators.

• Performed a strong ability in attentiveness and punctuality with regards to

meeting deadlines while learning to work with an extremely talented team.

September 2001 Chelsea Road Studios

Clean Up Artist

• Worked primarily as a cleanup artist doing inbetweens while occasionally

doing key animation.

• Met deadlines and worked efficiently taking direction carefully.

August 2001 Alliance Atlantis

Cel Facilitator

• Organization of ink painted animation cels.

• Caretaker of cels by preserving artwork individually as well as re-labeling

and stocking.

Relevant Skills

Computer Skills:

• Over 20 years of experience and incredible knowledge of Photoshop,

Storyboard Pro and Flash.

• Very proficient in using Finalcut Pro, Aftereffects Corel Painter, Art Rage

and Illustrator.

Design Skills:

• Over 20 years of experience in the animation industry.

• Experience in storyboarding for music videos, broadcast shows, pitches

and pilots.

• Highly experienced in animating both classically and in Flash on all levels

of animated filmmaking.

• Very proficient and experienced in all levels of concept artwork.

Other Skills:

• Very strong communication skills (working one-to-one with producers

world wide).

• Great team player and very willing to work diligently with others to

produce the most desired outcome (managing and working constantly on

concepts with a small team understanding on short term projects such as

design work like show pitches and music videos).

• A leader, listener and teacher (directing music videos but involving

everyone and encouraging all to share ideas both at the studio and at

schools doing seminars).

• Punctual, flexible and reliable (meeting deadlines on various projects with

the best effort put forward).

• Conscientious worker (mindful of the tools available for production in order

to work efficiently).

• Appreciative of all forms of artwork (musically and visually).

Awards and Recognition

• 2006 East Coast Music Award nominee for Best Music Video.

• 2005 East Coast Music Award nominee for Best Music Video.

• 2004 MuchMusic Video Award nominee for Best Rap Music Video.

• 2004 Much Music Video Award nominee for Best Post Production.

Interests and Hobbies

Volunteer workshop teacher at local Animation Colleges

Basketball, hockey and many other team oriented sports

Drawing, painting, building crafts and sewing

Studied piano, Kalimba, Guitar and Saxophone as well as playing the djembe

*References Available Upon Request

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